Networking Discord

The spot to learn, share, educate, and commiserate on all enterprise and service provider networking.

Networking Discord

Welcome to the Networking Discord server! If you haven’t made it in yet, you can join here.

While you’re here, we ask that you stick to the guidelines below for the comfort of all our users. You’ll need to accept these rules and pass a simple general intent quiz to be fully admitted.


This is a place for:

  • networking professionals to gather and share thoughts and knowledge.
  • those who want to enter the networking profession to gain exposure.
  • perhaps griping about the latest Cisco bug or mismanagement priority.
  • students and others looking to enter the profession to gain exposure and exchange knowledge.

This is not a place intended for:

  • server administration
  • home networking
  • [non-network] programming
  • non-networking IT disciplines

If you’re looking for any of these things, check out some suggestions for other resources.

General rules

  • No cheating, whatsoever. Asking for or distributing braindumps will result in an immediate ban.
  • Keep this place 100% safe for work.
  • Please attempt to use the appropriate channel for your discussion. Some people may mute channels that are not relevant to them; please respect this.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Please do not initiate random/unprompted DMs. (DMs to mods/admins regarding Discord server moderation needs or questions are always permissible!)

Bot commands

A custom bot has been created for the Networking Discord server. Command information is available here.


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